I need help with some nirvana lyric meanings?

can you guys help me with some song meanings. the songs i need is smells like teen spiritcome as you arewhere did you sleep last night.its for an essay. i would love anything.

Religion Ecclesiology?

Ecclesiology Question I have an essay to do?the title is “The church is a people brought into unity from the unity of the Father, the Son and the holy spirit “. Show how the church is rooted in the mystery of the trinity? Can anyone please give me some ideas,s uggestions or tips in how to answer this question , much apprectiated thanks

What is the structure of a compare and contrast essay?

I’m writing a compare and contrast essay for school comparing two books I read. Me and my friend were arguing about the correct structure. She says that the 2nd paragraph is supposed to summarize the first book then the 3rd paragraph is supposed to summarize the second book. Then the 4th paragraph is comparing and contrasting. This doesn’t sound right as there would only be 1/5 of the essay comparing and contrasting. Please help!

Love vs. Hate in Othello?

I am writing an essay on the main contrasts in the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare. I have lots of examples for Jealousy vs. Pride, and Man vs. Woman, but not as many examples for Love vs. Hate. Obviously there is the love that Othello has for Desdemona in the beginning, and the hatred he feels when he believes she has been unfaithful. Are there any other examples you can think of? THANKS!

Where can I read Carol Geddes’ essay “Growing Up Native” online?

It’s for a creative writing class… Please help!

Which of the following is a pattern of development that can be used to develop an essay?

Which of the following is a pattern of development that can be used to develop an essay? Division-classification Statistics Five-paragraph essay Research

Could somebody PLEASE proofread my essay (for grade 10 english)?

Hi, I’m in grade 10 and I had to write a comparative essay on the results of betrayal in “King Arthur and his Knights” and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.Although I have not finished typing it, It will only be few pages long. The essay is due on Monday so if you could proofread it by Sunday night I would be most grateful! Just give me your e-mail and I’ll send it to you!Thanks in advance, Kristen.Ps: You’ll get 10 points too ! :)

How long should the SSAT essay be?


What invention would have i made if i were a scientist?

an essay of about 150 to 200 words

Why is video games not good for children?

im writing an expository essay about why censory video games not good for children..can someone please help me write a thesis statement for why video games not good for children?